About me


 I’m Kasey Smith, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Womens Transformational Coach, Clean Eating Recipe Developer,Yoga teacher, Mom of one amazing girl, and your personal cheerleader for wellbeing.

On the Follow Your Happy site you can find my transformational coaching programs, online yoga classes 30 day wellness program ,  my favorite essential oils, clean eating recipes, blogs, my recipe book Happy Eats and much more. To follow your happy is to be the you that your soul is calling you to be, unapologetically.

“She believed she could, so she did.”


“I cannot say enough about Kasey and her ability as a wellness coach! As a high school teacher and an athletic coach, I recognize the power and necessity of having someone to hold me accountable. Kasey helped me to organize my life, realize my own goals, and gave me the confidence I needed to make strides towards reaching them. Each session with Kasey gently guided me towards new self-actualizations and emotional breakthroughs. She is very skilled at listening and guides the conversation in a way that is very insightful, rewarding, and rejuvenating. Kasey’s nonjudgmental attitude and upbeat personality really make each session each session comfortable and that much more enjoyable.”  -A. May