You are safe to open your heart.

Let your heart open–gently, safely, surely, and certainly.  -Journey to the Heart

There was a time in my life when I was TERRIFIED of living with an open heart. My heart was so broken from years of pain from various relationships and experiences that I built a protective shell full of layers and layers to protect my heart from being hurt again. But with that protective shield was massive darkness. My inner light was buried. I lived in a world full of fear, guilt, shame, pain, sadness, and feeling lost and purposeless.

I’m sure you can relate. Through this though, we learn, we grow, and we realize that this isn’t the way to live. We WANT to let our inner light shine. We WANT to have an open heart. We want to feel safe and loved. We want to feel joy. But its scary to risk feeling that pain again that we buried so deeply within. It’s upleasant to think about being judged. It’s scary to think about being hurt.  Its scary to think about being so authentically you only to feel like you’re not enough. BUT. BUT, would you rather live in the darkness and feel afraid or open your heart and TRUST that you ARE safe. That you CAN feel happiness. That you ARE supported. That the world needs YOUR heart to be open. We all have a gift and when our hearts are closed we cannot share that gift with the world. We all have a purpose. When our hearts are closed we cannot live our purpose. We have the power to choose again. To choose love. To choose being vulnerable. To choose sharing our heart with each other.

The Universe is waiting for you to open your heart and to aid you in the process.  Just as it aids a flower opening up with the Sun. We are all like lotus flowers, which is my favorite flower. We all have a story. We have all felt pain. We have all been in the muck. But think about how beautiful the lotus flower is and where it blossoms from. It literally blossoms from the mud. You will surely blossom as well from your mud by opening your heart and allowing the support from the energy of the Universe.

Once your heart has blossomed you will awaken your inner greatness and radiate divine love. I know this because I have done it. I have opened my heart again and it is part of my purpose to share it with you.

“What if I fall?”

Oh, but my darling what if you fly?


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