Embrace the night.

You know those times when things don’t happen the way you set out for them to? Like missing the turn you were supposed to take on a road and now you’re lost, or running behind schedule and to top it off the slowest driver EVER just happens to be right in front of you, or new things are added to your agenda last-minute and you feel overwhelmed and stressed, or maybe you are searching for an answer and it just won’t come to you, or maybe you are in a fight with someone you love, or maybe the sun hasn’t come out in over a week and you feel blue. Yep, we all have these days and they are not fun.



We often think, why did this happen to me, why did that have to happen that way, why this, why that, and can the freaking sun come out already?  As initially frustrating as it can be, I will tell you this – it always happens for us. Oh, the sweet contrast of life. Just as the sun rises ( which is typically favored when not covered by clouds of gloom) the darkness of night always follows subtly lit by the moon. We have storms and we have sunshiny days. We are a lot like nature.  I believe we are one with nature. I find that in these inconvenient/frustrating moments we are given surprises and even gifts from the Universe. If these “inconveniences” didn’t occur our gifts wouldn’t either. Now I know you may be asking how does this happen for me exactly when it so frustrating/confusing/painful/etc.? Believe me I am the first to ask that question, but then I remind myself that there is a gift or surprise on the way for me and for my greater good and I am on the look out. I am then reminded that why doesn’t really matter and to let go and embrace the contrast. With this shift in perspective, it allows me to come back to gratitude and open my heart to receive the goodness the Universe has to offer. The Universe is funny that way. It likes to stir things up a bit. But, hey at least it keeps things interesting!



I opened up my book today and these were the words I read, “When we’re lost, when the way gets dark, sometimes we see things we never would have seen in the daylight. Sometimes, the lessons we learn in the darkness are breathtakingly beautiful.”

So with this I say, trust the night. Get comfortable getting frustrated in the dark side of the contrast and feel those feels. Then after that remind yourself of the gifts that the night has to offer. They may be wrapped up in sandpaper, or in a Rubik’s cube but what you get inside is exactly what you desire and so much more.

The Universe always provides our desires and so much more. Trust the process and accept the contrast. The sun always comes back out, even if it does take a week.





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