Feel the fear and do it anyway.

There are so many elements that go into what make me happy. Relationships, food, environment, exercise, spirituality, hobbies, etc. The part of what makes me happy that is the most terrifying though is change. Sometimes in order to live our happiest life things have to change. Maybe it’s the relationship we are in that is longer serving us, or the foods we eat affecting our health and well-being, or our job that we dread going to everyday, or where we live isn’t aligning with the lifestyle we desire. Maybe it’s leveling up in our life. Making changes in these areas of our life can be daunting and the Universe has a way of testing us with the path we are on especially when we are about to make a huge leap. I think it makes us ask a lot of questions. Trusting myself and source is key and asking the right questions is what keeps me feeling most aligned, grounded, and supported.


When we are about to embark in making changes, fear and doubt can come up. Here’s the deal though, if we let fear and doubt drive us, then we stay “stuck” and unhappy. Who wants to live life that way? Not me. It is scary to let go of what we know and what is comfortable even if it’s not serving our happiness. At least it’s safe right? We know it. It’s comfortable and familiar. Letting go of what we know is SO hard. Does is really serve us though to stay where we aren’t our happiest? Also, even when we are happy but we know there is something more out there for us, something even greater that our soul is calling us to do but it’s scary AF. Then all of the fear based “what ifs” come up. The resistance is so real and I have been feeling it hard lately as I am about to make some major soul nudging changes in my life.


I remind myself of everything I have accomplished in my past and changes that I had to make that were scary and I made it. Not only did I make it but my life was enhanced even more than I could have imagined. I felt the fear and did it anyway. I survived and so did you my friend. Change can be filled with so much uncertainty that it can leave us feeling terrified and doubtful. What is not uncertain though is the nudge coming from our soul telling us to go for it. We have to trust that when our souls are whispering these changes to us that we have to listen. We all know when we don’t listen, the whispers turn into screams and when we ignore the screams that’s when we feel stuck, lost, purposeless, and unhappy.


When we make the decision to listen and are about to leap that’s when the tests happen. The universe will test us to see how willing we are. With every new level comes more obstacles. Our ego mind will tell us to stay right where we are. It will say, “Don’t go over there, we don’t know that!” Stay here where its safe.” But our soul knows the way. Listen to your soul. Trust yourself. Trust that the Universe is supporting you and has your back. Fight through the resistance. It’s just like lifting weights. It can be challenging and painful but then we become stronger and feel amazing. Life is the same way, we have to fight through the resistance and when we get to the other side it is so worth it!

Luckily, we have tools to assist and guide us through it all. One of my favorite tools I use to help the process is asking the right questions. My favorite question I’ve been asking lately is, “How does it get any better than this?” I acquired this question from one of my favorite books, Earth is Hiring, by Peta Kelly. Ever since I read these words I ask them everyday. It literally works for every situation. Especially when we are feeling fear, uncertainty, and doubt come up.  When we ask this question, the Universe shows the way.  It shows us how life gets better. When we ask the fear/doubt based “what ifs” then the Universe answers and we are shown the “what ifs.” Changing our questions changes our answers which changes our lives.

We are so deserving of doing what makes us happy. Allow yourself to make the changes needed. Sometimes the hardest ones to make are the ones we need the most. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Feel the doubt come up and remind yourself that you are enough. You are worthy. You are capable. You are strong. You are beautiful. We are ever evolving creatures living in an ever evolving universe. Change is inevitable. Change is necessary  for our optimum happiness. What changes do you need to make to live a happier life that feeds your soul? Who or what do you need to rid in your life that drains you? How can you support yourself and your needs/desires? Who do you need to become to take your life to the next level? How does it get any better than this?



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