Feel the fear and do it anyway.

There are so many elements that go into what make me happy. Relationships, food, environment, exercise, spirituality, hobbies, etc. The part of what makes me happy that is the most terrifying though is change. Sometimes in order to live our happiest life things have to change. Maybe it’s the relationship we are in that is longer serving us, or the foods we eat affecting our health and well-being, or our job that we dread going to everyday, or where we live isn’t aligning with the lifestyle we desire. Maybe it’s leveling up in our life. Making changes in these areas of our life can be daunting and the Universe has a way of testing us with the path we are on especially when we are about to make a huge leap. I think it makes us ask a lot of questions. Trusting myself and source is key and asking the right questions is what keeps me feeling most aligned, grounded, and supported.


When we are about to embark in making changes, fear and doubt can come up. Here’s the deal though, if we let fear and doubt drive us, then we stay “stuck” and unhappy. Who wants to live life that way? Not me. It is scary to let go of what we know and what is comfortable even if it’s not serving our happiness. At least it’s safe right? We know it. It’s comfortable and familiar. Letting go of what we know is SO hard. Does is really serve us though to stay where we aren’t our happiest? Also, even when we are happy but we know there is something more out there for us, something even greater that our soul is calling us to do but it’s scary AF. Then all of the fear based “what ifs” come up. The resistance is so real and I have been feeling it hard lately as I am about to make some major soul nudging changes in my life.


I remind myself of everything I have accomplished in my past and changes that I had to make that were scary and I made it. Not only did I make it but my life was enhanced even more than I could have imagined. I felt the fear and did it anyway. I survived and so did you my friend. Change can be filled with so much uncertainty that it can leave us feeling terrified and doubtful. What is not uncertain though is the nudge coming from our soul telling us to go for it. We have to trust that when our souls are whispering these changes to us that we have to listen. We all know when we don’t listen, the whispers turn into screams and when we ignore the screams that’s when we feel stuck, lost, purposeless, and unhappy.


When we make the decision to listen and are about to leap that’s when the tests happen. The universe will test us to see how willing we are. With every new level comes more obstacles. Our ego mind will tell us to stay right where we are. It will say, “Don’t go over there, we don’t know that!” Stay here where its safe.” But our soul knows the way. Listen to your soul. Trust yourself. Trust that the Universe is supporting you and has your back. Fight through the resistance. It’s just like lifting weights. It can be challenging and painful but then we become stronger and feel amazing. Life is the same way, we have to fight through the resistance and when we get to the other side it is so worth it!

Luckily, we have tools to assist and guide us through it all. One of my favorite tools I use to help the process is asking the right questions. My favorite question I’ve been asking lately is, “How does it get any better than this?” I acquired this question from one of my favorite books, Earth is Hiring, by Peta Kelly. Ever since I read these words I ask them everyday. It literally works for every situation. Especially when we are feeling fear, uncertainty, and doubt come up.  When we ask this question, the Universe shows the way.  It shows us how life gets better. When we ask the fear/doubt based “what ifs” then the Universe answers and we are shown the “what ifs.” Changing our questions changes our answers which changes our lives.

We are so deserving of doing what makes us happy. Allow yourself to make the changes needed. Sometimes the hardest ones to make are the ones we need the most. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Feel the doubt come up and remind yourself that you are enough. You are worthy. You are capable. You are strong. You are beautiful. We are ever evolving creatures living in an ever evolving universe. Change is inevitable. Change is necessary  for our optimum happiness. What changes do you need to make to live a happier life that feeds your soul? Who or what do you need to rid in your life that drains you? How can you support yourself and your needs/desires? Who do you need to become to take your life to the next level? How does it get any better than this?



Embrace the night.

You know those times when things don’t happen the way you set out for them to? Like missing the turn you were supposed to take on a road and now you’re lost, or running behind schedule and to top it off the slowest driver EVER just happens to be right in front of you, or new things are added to your agenda last-minute and you feel overwhelmed and stressed, or maybe you are searching for an answer and it just won’t come to you, or maybe you are in a fight with someone you love, or maybe the sun hasn’t come out in over a week and you feel blue. Yep, we all have these days and they are not fun.



We often think, why did this happen to me, why did that have to happen that way, why this, why that, and can the freaking sun come out already?  As initially frustrating as it can be, I will tell you this – it always happens for us. Oh, the sweet contrast of life. Just as the sun rises ( which is typically favored when not covered by clouds of gloom) the darkness of night always follows subtly lit by the moon. We have storms and we have sunshiny days. We are a lot like nature.  I believe we are one with nature. I find that in these inconvenient/frustrating moments we are given surprises and even gifts from the Universe. If these “inconveniences” didn’t occur our gifts wouldn’t either. Now I know you may be asking how does this happen for me exactly when it so frustrating/confusing/painful/etc.? Believe me I am the first to ask that question, but then I remind myself that there is a gift or surprise on the way for me and for my greater good and I am on the look out. I am then reminded that why doesn’t really matter and to let go and embrace the contrast. With this shift in perspective, it allows me to come back to gratitude and open my heart to receive the goodness the Universe has to offer. The Universe is funny that way. It likes to stir things up a bit. But, hey at least it keeps things interesting!



I opened up my book today and these were the words I read, “When we’re lost, when the way gets dark, sometimes we see things we never would have seen in the daylight. Sometimes, the lessons we learn in the darkness are breathtakingly beautiful.”

So with this I say, trust the night. Get comfortable getting frustrated in the dark side of the contrast and feel those feels. Then after that remind yourself of the gifts that the night has to offer. They may be wrapped up in sandpaper, or in a Rubik’s cube but what you get inside is exactly what you desire and so much more.

The Universe always provides our desires and so much more. Trust the process and accept the contrast. The sun always comes back out, even if it does take a week.





Let the 10 in.

Have you ever noticed how people love babies and children? Well, when they aren’t being little terrors of course. What is it about children that draws people in? I will tell you what I think to be true. Children are unapologetic in their brilliance. They shine bright and they don’t care who is watching. They do not question whether or not they are good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, strong enough, skinny enough, creative enough, experienced enough, talented enough, old enough, young enough, and the list goes on. They just are who they are. We all started out this way. Wouldn’t life be even more incredible if we unapologetically carried this amazing brilliance with us throughout it all?

Too many of us though have forgotten the brilliance that radiates within.  What if I told you that you still have it in there? Would you believe me? Well, I promise you this, it is still there. We all have it. We were born with it. We had it even before we entered into our physical form and I am writing this to remind you of how incredibly brilliant you are.

How are you feeling about your current situation? What would you rate your overall satisfaction and happiness with your life? Rate it now, 1 being least satisfied and 10 being most satisfied.  Write it down. What would it look like to have your life rated at a 10? What would you need to do and who would you need to become in order for it to be a 10? Do you believe it is possible to have that? Why or why not? If you answered that you believe it is not possible I want you to look at your list of reasons why and ask yourself, are these answers true or are they limiting beliefs? If you answered a 10 or close to it,  keep on keeping on and celebrate this. In fact, no matter where you are celebrate yourself. Celebrate your journey and know that you are exactly where you need to be right now in this moment.

Let me say this. It is possible to have a life that you would rate a 10. You are capable, you are worthy, and you are allowed to change your mind if you don’t like where you are. Often times we say, ” Well this is it. This is my life.” We believe that we have reached our maximum growth point and that there is no way out. We crave growth and change but yet we let our limiting beliefs keep us from leaping into the evolution that our soul is calling us into. This is what keeps us well under a 10. If we live with an open heart and allow ourselves to let our inner child like brilliance shine we allow divine happiness into our lives.

Let me remind you that you are a human and an amazing one. We as humans are constantly evolving and if you think that you aren’t allowed to make the changes to live at a 10 or close to it, I am here to remind you that you have every right to make it a 10. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Give yourself the permission to love your life. I will give you my permission if you need it. Here is your permission slip -You are allowed to be happy and live a life that you would rate a 10. Let the 10 in. If you want to create something, create it. If you need to rid people or things out of your life that are not filling you up, do it. If you need to get away, get away. If you want something, ask for it. Let yourself be open to receive all of your desires. It does not matter how old you are, how much you have invested, how much education you have or don’t have, how much money you have or don’t have, or what other people will think.  If it seems to you like a life rated as a 10 is “for other people but not for you,” I want you to do something right now for me and for the sake of your own life. Turn your listening ears on all the way up to their maximum volume. Turned all the way up? Okay. Listen. IT IS FOR US ALL. We all deserve to receive the abundant amounts of beauty, love, and happiness this Universe has (wants) to offer us. You ARE ENOUGH. Let me repeat that, YOU ARE ENOUGH. Now go make your life a 10 my love.

” Be unapologetic in the pursuit of what lights up your soul, and know that you are enough.”

-Kasey Smith

You are safe to open your heart.

Let your heart open–gently, safely, surely, and certainly.  -Journey to the Heart

There was a time in my life when I was TERRIFIED of living with an open heart. My heart was so broken from years of pain from various relationships and experiences that I built a protective shell full of layers and layers to protect my heart from being hurt again. But with that protective shield was massive darkness. My inner light was buried. I lived in a world full of fear, guilt, shame, pain, sadness, and feeling lost and purposeless.

I’m sure you can relate. Through this though, we learn, we grow, and we realize that this isn’t the way to live. We WANT to let our inner light shine. We WANT to have an open heart. We want to feel safe and loved. We want to feel joy. But its scary to risk feeling that pain again that we buried so deeply within. It’s upleasant to think about being judged. It’s scary to think about being hurt.  Its scary to think about being so authentically you only to feel like you’re not enough. BUT. BUT, would you rather live in the darkness and feel afraid or open your heart and TRUST that you ARE safe. That you CAN feel happiness. That you ARE supported. That the world needs YOUR heart to be open. We all have a gift and when our hearts are closed we cannot share that gift with the world. We all have a purpose. When our hearts are closed we cannot live our purpose. We have the power to choose again. To choose love. To choose being vulnerable. To choose sharing our heart with each other.

The Universe is waiting for you to open your heart and to aid you in the process.  Just as it aids a flower opening up with the Sun. We are all like lotus flowers, which is my favorite flower. We all have a story. We have all felt pain. We have all been in the muck. But think about how beautiful the lotus flower is and where it blossoms from. It literally blossoms from the mud. You will surely blossom as well from your mud by opening your heart and allowing the support from the energy of the Universe.

Once your heart has blossomed you will awaken your inner greatness and radiate divine love. I know this because I have done it. I have opened my heart again and it is part of my purpose to share it with you.

“What if I fall?”

Oh, but my darling what if you fly?


My #1 Secret to Happiness.

What if I told you that you could live a happier, more successful, more fulfilled, abundant life by practicing this one thing every single day? What is this one thing, you ask? Gratitude.

Gratitude is a non negotiable daily ritual for me. Since I have made this apart of my daily routine, I have been amazed by the huge shifts that have taken place in my life. I am happier, less stressed, and living a life full of abundance that I didn’t even realize was there all along. By acknowledging what we already have allows us to be more aware of how abundant we really are and attracts even more abundance. Being grateful allows our hearts to be full and our minds to be at peace.

There is always something we can find to be grateful for even during the tough times or a bad day. In fact, that’s when we should practice gratitude the most. During these times, or in general, you may find it challenging to find things to be grateful for but start small and eventually your list will become limitless. Some examples of the “little” things that we often over look to be grateful for are things such as the bed we sleep in, or having running water, being able to take a hot shower, our senses to touch, hear, taste, smell, and see, the beauty around us. You see, when we take the time to be grateful, we realize how blessed we really are.

I encourage everyone to add gratitude to their daily routine. Anyone anywhere, can practice gratitude. My five-year old daughter even practices. The other day, she was upset because she had a stuffy nose. She was highly frustrated to say the least. Her dad sat down with her and encouraged her to think of all the things in her life she is grateful for and she said them out loud. Instantly, she felt better. She was no longer irritated about her nose because she shifted her focus to gratitude. You see, when we shift our perspective to gratitude our day/life changes for the greater good. My own personal daily ritual is keeping a gratitude journal. Every morning after I get up I write down five things that I am grateful for. In fact, before I even get out of bed in the morning I take about 15-20 seconds to think to myself all that I am grateful for. Doing this allows me to prime myself for a less stressful, more successful day.  Imagine how your life could change by doing this every day, and especially when you are in a frustrating situation.

Gratitude is just one of the many tools in my tool belt for creating a happier, healthier, wealthier life. It is also my favorite one. The more we can be gracious we shine even brighter creating a ripple of happiness throughout the world. Be apart of that ripple. Live in gratitude.