I’m Kasey Sphire, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,   Transformational Coach, Yoga teacher, and your personal cheerleader for well-being.


I help you find clarity and take actionable steps towards reaching your goals so that you can finally be free from feeling overwhelmed and confused and start living your life in alignment with who you truly are and turn your dreams into reality.

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to your health, work/life balance, and personal happiness? 

 Do you wish you were closer to living more fully in your purpose but unsure of where to even start?

Would you love to wake up every day feeling more energized and living more fully in your purpose? How would it feel to finally have clarity around what you want to create and start taking action?

You know you are meant to do bigger things. You know there is more to your life than where you are right now. You feel the soul nudge that you are meant for more and are ready to step into this version of you. 

Imagine waking up feeling better than you have in years. Imagine what you will feel like to wake up full of energy ready to start your day living a purposeful and passion filled life completely in alignment with who you are. Imagine what it would feel like to be living out your dreams and feeling more vibrant, abundant, and healthy than you ever have before. 

Life gets busy and sometimes taking care of ourselves isn’t always the first priority. I get it, I am busy too and it’s not always that simple, but what if I told you that by making YOU a priority and shifting your mindset, all elements of your life will fall right into place? 

I have the tools to share with you to make it all happen. By making small changes in your daily life using a holistic approach, you will see your life transform right before your eyes in my coaching programs.

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 I work 1:1 with individuals who are ready to bust through fear and step into their highest self, and live a life full of passion and purpose.

 Transform your life and fulfill your dreams while gaining more energy, clarity, and confidence.

 Step into your purpose and eliminate the blocks holding you back.

  Create balance, clarity, and aligned abundance.

Find your way back home to the you that your soul is calling you to be.


“Kasey helped guide me towards acheiving goals I didn’t think were possible. Working with such a gentle soul that cares and knows what she is doing feels amazing. I am beyond thankful to have crossed paths with Kasey. I see myself continuing working with her down the road as I continue to uplevel my life.” Rae M.

I would recommend my coach Kasey to anyone who wants accountability to reaching their goals and ecouragement to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Anyone who needs more clarity around certain areas of their life. -Kaylee

“I can look back and see all of the progress I have made. It brings me to tears sometimes thinking about the journey I’ve made these last few months with your guidance. I am so thankful for you, Kasey!” -Jo

“My time working with Kasey has been transformative. Her sweet and nurturing approach creats a safe container for authentic relating. I felt it easy to express my fears with her and in doing so it helped me move past mental blocks and challenges in my life. I am honored to have her as a life coach and amazed how far I’ve come working with her over the past several months.” -Blake C.

“Kasey is warm, calming, encouraging and easy to talk to. She is a good listner full of amazing tips and tools to share to help in several areas including nutrition, finance, fitness, and emotional health.” -C. Smith

“I cannot say enough about Kasey and her ability as a wellness coach! As a high school teacher and an athletic coach, I recognize the power and necessity of having someone to hold me accountable. Kasey helped me to organize my life, realize my own goals, and gave me the confidence I needed to make strides towards reaching them. Each session with Kasey gently guided me towards new self-actualizations and emotional breakthroughs. She is very skilled at listening and guides the conversation in a way that is very insightful, rewarding, and rejuvenating. Kasey’s nonjudgmental attitude and upbeat personality really make each session each session comfortable and that much more enjoyable.” -A. May

“In just short time, I have grown into a different person. Kasey gave me tools and methods on how to be a happier, more joyful, and peaceful women. While I still have a lot of work to do, I have grown tremendously. As Kasey always said to me “I am a perfect work in progress”. I needed to hear that. I am very hard on myself and she always assured me that I need to me more patient with myself and more forgiving, and that I am aware of what I want to change and making the changes and that it is not going to happen overnight, but it will happen! With most of my issues that I mentioned to her every week, she always had an exercise or worksheet that would help me work through the thing I wanted to change. She helped me with my core values, my boundaries to stay happy, and affirmations, plus much more. Not going to lie the journey to self love, peace, and happiness is hard work! You have to want to make that change and Kasey will help you keep making that change! She kept me motivated at keeping up with the hard work every week and knowing that I will achieve my goals! I would recommend her to anyone who feels lost, unsure of themselves, need confidence or some self love and peace. Kasey is the woman! She will help you grow into a happy, loving and peaceful person!” -Colleen 🙂

“I absolutely loved working with Kasey. She helped me get clear on my values and work to connect my goals with my core values. This alone was a game changer. We primarily worked towards clarity in my career. Not only did getting clear on my values help me see where I was already living my truth, it also helped me understand where I needed to let go. Meeting weekly with Kasey was like having coffee with an old friend. She was easy to talk to and kept me accountable and on track. I just loved how our conversations flowed. I was always surprised how productive and beautiful our sessions were. We accomplished so much in just 6 weeks and I am so grateful to have met her!” -Kate 

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Coaching Programs Include: 3 and 6 Month Package Options

  • Personalized program tailored to your needs, on your schedule
  • 60 minute one on one virtual coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email/Voxer support between sessions
  • ​Handouts, worksheets, recordings of all sessions, and other personalized support material
  • My personal commitment to your success

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