Reclamation Rising

A 5-month Immersive Experience, Where Space is Held for You to Embrace Your Power, Discover and Deepen Your Purpose, Build Deep Connections and Life-Long Friendships with a Like-Minded, Supportive Community.

If not now, then when? And if not you, then who?

As a heart-centered, purpose-driven woman, a time comes when you feel the nudges to enter a new version of yourself. A new level of confidence, courageousness, empowerment, and unapologetically owning your truest expression and potential. 

Who are you on the other side of this massive up-level as your most authentic, powerful, fully embodied self?

I know it can be scary to take this leap. Fear, feeling like you’re not good enough, self-doubt, and maybe even stories you’ve carried with you from childhood tell you that it isn’t possible. And let me tell you this, sister, if you want your dreams to become your reality, you have to face these parts of yourself. You must re-program your mind, re-write the stories, commit to your spiritual practices, take ownership of your reality, and most importantly, believe in yourself.

Kiley Shai photography at Andee Love retreat

Reclamation Rising is an immersive, multi-dimensional, deeply intimate program where spiritual concepts are made practical. This is a safe, warm, and judgement-free place to feel seen and heard as you are while also having time to reflect and integrate. With a foundation of frequency and embodiment, you are able to learn how to start co-creating your desires with more ease and magnetism creating more space for you to thrive. 

You will create the practical skills of creating routines and rituals, learning how to actually stick to them, journaling exercises and other practices to peel back the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. Unique tools will be provided to help you integrate and embody this next level version of you. You will learn how to fully embody your reclamation, start putting your ideas into action, rise together with your sisters, and create more spaciousness, joy, money, and fulfillment in your life. These are tools and practices that you can keep with you even after the program ends so you can refer back and support yourself  as you go along your journey moving forward. 

This journey is it’s own vortex. You will be held through deep healing, enlightenment, and taught by incredibly powerful, impactful coaches and healers. You will be supported and celebrated by a group of like-minded sisters who will become soul-level, life-long friends. You will be asked to show up for yourself in a way you never have before. This co-creative field that we will create together is a sure recipe for magical manifestations. 

This is what’s possible in Reclamation Rising. 

As a coach, I am here to teach you the tools and strategies I have learned and used over the last several years of providing client success. 

Even more than this though, I am here to help you embody your divine feminine spirit, reclaim your power, and stretch you beyond what you think is possible for yourself. I am honored to be your guide and walk along this path with you. 

From one sovereign woman to another, it’s time. It’s time to believe in something so much more for yourself and to go for the goals that will change the trajectory of your future. 

Kiley Shai photography at Andee Love retreat

Reclamation Rising is for you if…

>> You are ready to step into your power and you sense that the time is NOW

>> You are wanting to call in a supportive, like-minded community of sisters who are soul-level friends

>> You are ready to take the leap and show up for yourself 100% 

>> You are ready to start showing yourself more compassion, gentleness, patience, & love

>> You want to feel like your living a more purposeful life and feel inspired, creative, and excited 

>> You want to call in more abundance and prosperity 

>> You want to gain tools and practices you can use for a lifetime

>> Increased confidence and belief in yourself and your unique gifts 

>> You are ready to start taking ACTION 

This is all possible for you once you decide. When you commit to yourself like you never have before. When you allow yourself to be held by coaches, and community through this process you are able to expand beyond what you think you can do. We’ve got you. 

Kiley Shai photography at Andee Love retreat

I created Reclamation Rising because I know what it’s like to be exactly where you are. This program is what I always wanted for myself years ago. I still regularly work with coaches and take courses because I know how powerfully transformative and supportive this work is.  From the outside you might see that I am a confident, embodied woman who is living a purposeful and passionate life doing my soul’s work, thriving and inspired, traveling the world, has an incredible community of like-minded humans, and is happy and making a huge difference in the world. BUT I know firsthand what it is like to be trapped in fear, self-doubt, and feeling not enough. I know what it is like to feel so alone and question everything feeling stuck in my own shadow. 

My formula for moving through this and reaching success is years of practice, education, working with mentors, experience, and having the energetics down. I use my intuitive abilities and practical tools to help women see what is possible for them and show them the way one step at a time. I developed this program so that women like you can feel safe, supported, held, empowered, and inspired especially in the most challenging moments. This is well beyond my gifting as I am just a vessel who holds the space for you to experience your own healing and transformation. I am a coach with so much unconditional love. It is my greatest joy and honor to support women in living their greatest potential and creating the life they so desire. 

In Reclamation Rising, you not only will be held by me but also other gifted healers and guest speakers. You will get to experience deep connection with your Rising sisters to receive support and accountability in between calls. 


  • Month 1 >> Intention setting / Ritual / Environment (plant your seed to powerfully blossom)
  • 2 Live group calls
  • 1 60 minute 1:1 session
  • Guest teacher/healer/speaker
  • Month 2 >> The Path to Self Discovery (own your path, purpose, & gifting)
  • 2 Live Group calls 
  • 1 60 minute 1:1 session
  • Guest teacher/healer/speaker
  • Month 3 >> Release & Rebirth
  • 1-2 Live Group calls
  • 1 60 min 1:1 session
  • Month 4 >> Reclamation 
  • 1-2 Live Group calls
  • 1 60 min 1:1 session
  • Guest teacher/healer/speaker
  • Month 5 >> Integration 
  • 2 Live Group calls 
  • 1 60 minute 1:1 session
  • Guest teacher/healer/speaker
  • Celebration Ceremony 

Overview of the Program:

 What’s included?

>> 3-4 Live sessions each month that will be recorded and uploaded into member portal

>> 1 guest teacher a month

>> 1 60 min 1:1 session per month

>> Access to Kasey through Voxer in between calls 

>> All- inclusive once you arrive (food and lodging) 5 night retreat in Tulum *airfare not included 

>>private Facebook group

>> recorded guided meditations for you to use daily

>> 5 video training modules by Kasey 

>> lifetime access to content 

When does the program begin?

September 2021: Bonus Month >> 2 75minute 1:1 sessions with Kasey 

October 2021: First group session

December or January: Retreat in Tulum 

Client testimonials:

“Kasey helped guide me towards achieving goals I didn’t think were possible. Working with such a gentle soul that cares and knows what she is doing feels amazing. I am beyond thankful to have crossed paths with Kasey. I see myself continuing working with her down the road as I continue to uplevel my life.” -Rae M.

“I would recommend my coach Kasey to anyone who wants accountability in reaching their goals and encouragement to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Anyone who needs more clarity around certain areas of their life.” -Kaylee

“I can look back and see all of the progress I have made. It brings me to tears sometimes thinking about the journey I’ve made these last few months with your guidance. I am so thankful for you, Kasey!” -Jo

“My time working with Kasey has been transformative. Her sweet and nurturing approach creates a safe container for authentic relating. I felt it easy to express my fears with her and in doing so it helped me move past mental blocks and challenges in my life. I am honored to have her as a life coach and amazed how far I’ve come working with her over the past several months.” -Blake C.

“Kasey is warm, calming, encouraging and easy to talk to. She is a good listener full of amazing tips and tools to share to help in several areas including nutrition, finance, fitness, and emotional health.” -C. Smith

“I cannot say enough about Kasey and her ability as a wellness coach! As a high school teacher and an athletic coach, I recognize the power and necessity of having someone to hold me accountable. Kasey helped me to organize my life, realize my own goals, and gave me the confidence I needed to make strides towards reaching them. Each session with Kasey gently guided me towards new self-actualizations and emotional breakthroughs. She is very skilled at listening and guides the conversation in a way that is very insightful, rewarding, and rejuvenating. Kasey’s nonjudgmental attitude and upbeat personality really make each session comfortable and that much more enjoyable.” -A. May

Are you in? 

Registering now: $5,000 or $1,111 x 5

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